The goats at Lost Lake Ranch are pure Spanish goats of the Sawyer bloodline. In fact, the Malone starter herd of Spanish nannie kids were a gift from Eddie Sawyer over twenty years ago and from his second year of his original nannie kids. The goats play an integral part in conservation at the ranch because of their diets. With holistic grazing, it is important to have various species to make the most of the present forages. Spanish goats thrive well on the ranch, graze the right forages, and gain weight at an excellent rate.

The traits LLR looks for in our Spanish goats are straight back, good muscle tone, shape, and the ability to breed back. Each year the Malone’s bring to the ranch a very well-known and respected sheep and goat consultant to help cull the mature nannies and select the best replacement kids. As a result of the Malone family’s focus on maintaining the quality of the bloodline, the majority of their Spanish goats are sold through private treaty to customers looking to improve their operation with these characteristics. 

When purchasing goats from Lost Lake Ranch you know you are buying top bloodlines, with outstanding characteristics from people who value integrity and honesty and are in the business for the long term.

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