At Lost Lake Ranch conservation is not only something to work toward but also the focus of the entire ranch. Conservation is paramount not only to best raise the animals they care for but their children and grandchildren as well.

Lost Lake Ranch follows holistic grazing, which is patterned off the Great Plains. In this grazing technique, multiple species graze the same pastures, eating various forages at diverse levels and intervals. Along with holistic grazing, Lost Lake Ranch also utilizes rotational grazing practices. Grass height, rainfall, and more are measured to determine when to move the animals to the next pasture to ensure complete grazing and the best regrowth rates for forages.

Along with forages, Lost Lake Ranch is also focused on improving the water and water availability on the ranch. They have built rain catches, built conservation ponds, and were one of the first operations in the area to have solar pump wells.

Relationships have also been built with Texas Park & Wildlife to maintain habitat and population control. Within this relationship, Lost Lake Ranch works with biologists to determine how large of a deer population the land and forages can withstand with the LLR livestock.

Conservation at Lost Lake Ranch is focusing on enhancing, not detracting from the land. This ensures the next generation that takes over Lost Lake Ranch has the opportunity to succeed just like the past generations.

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Lost Lake Ranch
Sonora, TX

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